House Representative

Parker, Tan



Third term lawmaker utilizes the House rules to score victories for election integrity and I-35 E

(Austin, Texas) In the final hours of the legislative session, Representative Tan Parker was able to pass two key initiatives for his district by amending the individual provisions to other bills moving through the legislative process. The rules of procedure for the Texas House of Representatives allow members to amend their bills to other bills that deal with a substantially similar subject matter.

"The best way for a member to be effective is to know the rules of procedure for the Texas House and use them to maximize their legislative capability on behalf of their constituents," Parker stated. "The moment that some of my bills started to slow down for various reasons I immediately began looking for other bills to attach them to and I am proud that I was able to use this process to pass more of my legislative package."

The first amendment that Parker was able to successfully place on another bill dealt with authorizing the Department of Transportation to enter into a comprehensive development agreement to expand capacity on I-35 E from north Dallas to the city of Denton. The expansion of I-35 E will create significant economic activity, grow jobs, ease congestion, improve air quality and improve safety for all citizens who utilize this central transportation artery in North Texas. His second amendment dealt with ending the bounty system of paying voter registrars a set amount for every voter registration card they turn in. This pay for performance model led to much of the recent voter registration fraud that the nation experienced in recent elections. Parker's amendment would not prevent a person from being paid a flat salary or hourly rate for helping to register voters.

"Improving the mobility of the metroplex is a task that myself and fellow lawmakers must stay focused on and I am very pleased that we took this tremendous first step by authorizing TxDOT to move forward with the expansion of I-35 E," Parker explained. "Likewise, I felt strongly that we needed to address the built in incentives for voter registrars to submit fraudulent voter registration cards. I am glad that election officials agreed with me and that we were able to get this done."

Parker's I-35 E improvement amendment was added to Senate Bill 1420 and his election integrity amendment was added to House Bill 2194. Both bills were passed by the State House and Senate and are currently awaiting action by Governor Perry.

Initially elected on November 7th of 2006, Representative Parker represents both rural and urban parts of Denton County which encompasses the cities of Flower Mound, Highland Village, Pilot Point, Argyle, Aubrey, Krugerville, Sanger, Cross Roads, Krum, Ponder, Justin, Lantana, Northlake, Copper Canyon, Double Oak, Bartonville, Trophy Club, Roanoke and portions of Lewisville and Southlake.

Serving in his third term in the Texas Legislature, Representative Parker is focusing his efforts on economic development, job creation, further property tax relief, appraisal reform, strengthening border security and immigration policy, promoting fiscally responsible government spending and protecting family values. Parker is the current Vice Chairman of the Rules and Resolutions Committee. He also serves on the Corrections and Urban Affairs Committees.

Richard Dennis