House Representative

Anderson, Charles "Doc"



This week, the House took up its post-census duty of redrawing district lines for seats in the Texas House of Representatives. We previously took up a redistricting bill for State Board of Education districts and sent it to the Senate, and before the 82nd Legislature adjourns at the end of May, we will also consider maps for Texas Senate and US Congressional districts.

After debating in session for almost 17 hours, HB 150 passed 92-52, largely along partisan lines. The map drawn by the bill is fair and legal, and achieves a good balance reflecting population growth, voting trends, and preserving communities of interest.

On a personal level, I hate to lose West from District 56, but am pleased to pick up Reisel. Redistricting can be a very bruising process, and very few members are totally happy with the final result. This proposed map was deemed the most acceptable by a majority of legislators. I'm also pleased that the overall growth and vitality of the Heart of Texas is leading to a new district, with the strength of McLennan County being central to its shape.

As always, I'm honored and privileged to be your representative in the Texas House.