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Craddick, Tom


Craddick Appoints Truitt to State Pension Review Board

Austin) - Speaker Tom Craddick appointed State Representative Vicki Truitt to the State Pension Review Board. The nine-member board oversees all public retirement systems, including public members and elected officials.

"Representative Truitt has a great deal of experience on this issue and will bring that experience to this key board that oversees all of our state's pension systems," Speaker Craddick said. "The state and local pension systems oversee the retirement accounts of thousands of state employees and the soundness of these multi-billion funds is crucial for our state to live up to the promises we've made."

Truitt is the chair of the House Committee on Pensions and Investments.

"The protection of retirement funds for public employees is extremely important and I will dedicate my efforts to watch out for the interests of these good Texans," Representative Truitt said.

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