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Craddick, Tom


Craddick appoints Gutierrez to House Committees

(Austin) Speaker Tom Craddick (Midland), today, announced the appointment of Rep. Roland Gutierrez (San Antonio) to the House Natural Resources Committee and the House Local Government Ways & Means Committee. Rep. Gutierrez's appointments fill the vacancies left by former Rep. Robert Puente, who stepped down in January.

"On behalf of all House members, I welcome Rep. Gutierrez to the House of Representatives, and I congratulate him on his success in his election," Speaker Craddick said. "I look forward to working with him on issues important to his district and the state."

Rep. Gutierrez took office in May of 2008 by way of a Special Election called by Governor Rick Perry to fill the vacated seat. He is the state representative for House District 119. He most recently served as District 3 Councilman for the City of San Antonio. Rep. Gutierrez has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Texas at San Antonio. His is a graduate of St. Mary's University School of Law, and he was licensed by the State Bar of Texas in November 1998. He has been a practicing attorney in San Antonio since then.

I am proud and honored to serve on these two very important and significant committees," Rep. Gutierrez said. "Natural Resources allows me the opportunity to closely monitor what I feel is Bexar County's greatest asset, the Edwards Underground Aquifer, and Local Ways and Means presents the opportunity to monitor vital legislation that pertains to all local tax collecting entities throughout the State of Texas. Both committees offer unique challenges that I both welcome and look forward to working with my fellow committee members on.

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