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Deshotel to serve on Appropriations Committee 
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by: Rep. Deshotel, Joe

Speaker Craddick Announces Committee Assignments, Deshotel well placed

(Austin) House Speaker Tom Craddick (Midland) announced today that he has appointed Representative Joe Deshotel to the powerful House Appropriations Committee. He was also appointed to the Vice Chair of Local & Consent Calendars, the Chairman of Budget Oversight of the House Elections Committee, and will serve on Select Committee on State Health Care Expenditures. Historically, Appropriations has been the most sought after committee appointment by members of the House.

The state is in serious financial hardship and many will be looking to cut services and other items to make up the shortfall, stated Deshotel, With these appointments, I am in a position to affect the debate and sit at the decision-making table to protect the interests of Southeast Texas.

The Appropriations Committee is the budget writing arm of the House, and along with the Senate Finance and Governors Office, decides where Texas spending priorities will lie and how they will get funded. Currently, governmental and private policy groups have forecasted a budget deficient between $9.9-12 billion.

Rep. Deshotel has proven himself to have the dedication and knowledge necessary to effectively handle state fiscal decisions. Speaker Craddick said. He is a tremendous asset and principled-driven leader to his constituents and the House of Representatives. Rep. Deshotel is one of only twenty-nine members to serve on the Appropriations Committee. There are 150 members in the House.

While also serving as a member of the Appropriations Committee, Rep. Deshotel will also serve as the Vice Chair of Local & Consent Calendars, which decides when bills with local impact will be heard on the floor. New to this historic session is the creation of the Chairman of Budget Oversight (CBO). The CBOs are among the new changes that Speaker Craddick has initiated in his first term as speaker. The CBOs will be responsible for coordinating and reporting back to Appropriations the programs and the funding levels of the agencies under its jurisdiction. As a member of the Appropriations Committee, Rep. Deshotel will also serve as the CBO for the Elections Committee. The Elections Committee is charged with duties and conduct of candidates for public office, persons influencing public policy and the Texas Ethics Committee.

While not surprising to those members that work with him, Rep. Deshotel was also appointed to the House Select Committee on State Health Care Expenditures. A new committee, it is charged to look at all the health care costs of every agency and every program in this state.

"Working hand-in-hand with the Appropriations Committee, this select committee is responsible for overseeing and reviewing almost 80% of the operating budgets for such agencies as the Departments of Health, Health and Human Services," Rep. Deshotel explained. "I am honored with the responsibility and faith the new leadership has given me, and the people of the 22nd District."

"There are going to be hard choices to make, but I will fight for the best interests of working Texans," Deshotel continued. "I will work to protect and further our progress in our region's economic development."

The potential that exists between these committees, resources and needs of our district for the next decade is far reaching. I could not be happier with the appointments I have received. Deshotel said.

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