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Statement from Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan 08/04/2022 
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by: Rep. Phelan, Dade

Please see the following statement from Speaker Dade Phelan regarding the Biden administration's decision to cut postpartum health coverage for new Texas mothers.

“This is the latest hypocritical, disappointing move by the Biden administration that puts the care and needs of Texas mothers and babies at jeopardy — all in the name of partisan politics. It’s unconscionable and a major setback to the work of the Texas House, which acted on a bipartisan basis during the 2021 session to pass legislation that marked a major step forward for the health of women and newborns in our state. Thanks to a public health emergency still in place, the Biden administration’s move will not have an immediate impact and gives the Legislature an opportunity to address this issue when we convene again in January. The Texas House will again prioritize passing legislation that extends health coverage to a year for new Texas moms in 2023 as well as other measures that focus on better supporting mothers, children and families in our state.” — Speaker Dade Phelan

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