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Today, Representative Carl O. Sherman, highlights President Biden Executive Order 
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by: Rep. Sherman, Carl Sr.

LANCASTER, TEXAS – State Representative Carl O. Sherman (D-109) stands alongside President Joe Biden, the Botham Jean and George Floyd families, in addition to other American families impacted by police wrongdoing, as he signs an Executive Order at the White House designed to address police accountability; specifically Use of Force and Body Cameras.

Today denotes two years since the cruel and heartless murder of George Floyd by a police officer kneeling on his neck, while he was handcuffed on the ground, crying out “I can’t breathe” and "Mama," while three other officers did nothing to preserve George Floyd's life. Also, we are coming near four years since the horrendous murder of Dallas resident, Botham Jean in his own apartment by an off-duty police officer on September 6, 2018, which also made international headline news.

President Biden vowed to address racial justice and policing reform in the wake of George Floyd's murder, as did Sherman for Botham Jean's family. “George Floyd and Botham "Bo" Jean are connected in various ways but, I want to share the account of how HB929 came to be and connect with the calculated murder of George Floyd. It is important to know that September 29th (929) is Bo's birthday, and the numbering of the bill was requested by his mom, Allison Jean to honor the joyous day of his birth. Parenthetically, better yet divinely, camera footage revealed that the actual time was 9 minutes and 29 seconds that the Police Officer pressed his knee on the neck of George Floyd, not the originally reported 8 minutes and 41 seconds," Sherman said.

House Bill 929, known as Bo's Law, passed successfully in the Texas 87th Legislative Session, speaks to law enforcement policies and procedures regarding body worn cameras and establishing the integrity of police evidence. “Bo’s Law is about creating systemic accountability and trust between police and the community,” Sherman said, adding, “President Biden’s Executive Order today, I trust will project the same message.”

House Bill 929 was an extension of work Sherman had been doing for years to create systemic accountability in policing. During his tenure as Mayor in the City of DeSoto, it was under his leadership that the DeSoto Police Department initiated a police body cam initiative, becoming the first city in America to have all officers suited with body cams in 2011.

Sherman pointed out Wednesday that bipartisan effort was essential in passing HB 929. He recognized the joint authors of the bill, Representatives Matt Krause (R), Jacey Jetton (R), Ron Reynolds (D), Eddie Rodriguez (D), and Senate sponsor Texas Senator Royce West.

“I am in agreement with President Biden’s words ‘to deliver real change, we must have accountability when law enforcement officers violate their oaths, and we need to build lasting trust between the overwhelming majority of the men and women who wear the badge honorably and the communities they are sworn to serve and protect,’” Sherman concluded.

About District 109: Representative Sherman proudly represents the citizens of House District 109, which includes Dallas, DeSoto, Cedar Hill, Grand Prairie, Hutchins, Lancaster, Seagoville, Wilmer, as well as parts of Ferris, Glenn Heights and Ovilla. He serves on the House Appropriations Committee, the House Corrections Committee and, also served on the special select judicial committee.

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