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by: Rep. Minjarez, Ina

AUSTIN, Tex.óRep. Minjarez (San Antonio), Vice Chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Strategic Fiscal Review & Federal Relief Funds, filed H.B. 140, the Texas Leading on Opportunity, Investment and Economic Stimulus Through Aid and Relief (LONESTAR) Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021, to provide more than $15 billion in federal relief funding to Texans. Rep. Minjarez released the following statement:

"The LONESTAR Act makes transformative investments of $15.8 billion in federal relief funds to benefit all Texans through increased funding for public health, education, and economic stabilization. It provides more than $2.5 billion in health and human services. It includes funding for adult and children's mental health, substance use treatment, and public health response. It targets funding to bolster the healthcare safety net, improve state and local public health response, and reduce food insecurity and health conditions like diabetes and heart disease that place Texans at greater risk of contracting COVID-19. LONESTAR funding will improve lives of rural and urban Texans from Beaumont to El Paso and the Panhandle to the border. It will directly benefit Texas mothers, seniors, veterans, and children in foster care."

"The LONESTAR Act invests more than $4.6 billion to improve Texas broadband, energy, and water infrastructure. It includes $3 billion to expand Texas broadband infrastructure to connect farmers and ranchers to 21st century markets, $1 billion to weatherize and modernize Texas energy grid without increasing taxes or bills for homeowners and small businesses. It dedicates $100 million to support clean drinking water, waste water removal, and flood prevention in areas of the state with the greatest need."

"The bill boosts Texas' economic recovery with nearly $5.5 billion in funding. It includes $5.5 billion to eliminate massive unemployment tax increases for Texas businesses and support reentry into the workforce for Texans who lost their jobs during the pandemic. LONESTAR targets $335 million in financial assistance to small businesses, arts and cultural nonprofits, and the tourism and music industry to fuel long-lasting economic recovery in the most impacted sectors of the Texas economy."

"The LONESTAR Act also invests nearly $400 million to reduce learning loss caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure teachers and students can safely return to the classroom. It funds retraining that aligns with the state's future workforce needs for workers in industries decimated by the pandemic."

"The ongoing COVID-19 surge demands an all-of-government approach using common-sense solutions called for by Texas taxpayers and small-business owners. The LONESTAR Act delivers that framework."

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