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State Representative Carl O. Sherman’s 87th Session Bills Become Law Today 
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by: Rep. Sherman, Carl Sr.

Austin, Texas – All eyes are turned toward Austin as the Special Session is underway, however during the regular 87th Legislative Session State Representative Carl O. Sherman (D-109) saw the passage of five of the 50 bills he authored and four bills of the 19 he joint authored.
“I am in Austin working toward the goals of my constituents,” Representative Sherman said. “While the regular legislative session is over, there are still special sessions and ongoing business in Austin that I am working tirelessly on as well as continuing to assure we keep our state and country’s democracy as the forefront of everyone’s minds.”

Here is a brief rundown of what Representative Sherman authored that was signed into law during the regular session.

• HB 929 (Bo’s Law); Relating to law enforcement policies and procedures regarding body worn cameras;

• HB362; Relating to the authority of a county to require electronic bids or proposals for competitive bidding;

• HB 368; Relating to the issuance of a driver's license to certain persons that includes an alternative to the license holder's residence address;

• HB3212; Relating to the inclusion of information relating to street racing in the curriculum of driver education courses and driving safety courses;

• SB 112; Relating to installation and use of tracking equipment and for access to certain communications and location information by law enforcement and the admissibility of certain evidence.

Bills that were joint authored and signed into law in the 87th Legislative Session:

• HB135; Relating to notifying an alleged perpetrator of child abuse or neglect of certain rights in an investigation by the Department of Family and Protective Services;

• HB 1545; Relating to the continuation and functions of the Commission on Jail Standards;

• HB 1938; Relating to a grant program for law enforcement agencies to defray the cost of data storage for recordings created with body worn cameras;

• HB 2073; Relating to quarantine leave for fire fighters, peace officers, detention officers, and emergency medical technicians employed by, appointed by, or elected for a political subdivision.

Representative Sherman also co-authored 50 bills and sponsored or co-sponsored six Senate bills.

“I am proud these bills were signed into law and look forward to the work ahead that still needs to be done.”

About District 109: Representative Sherman proudly represents the citizens of House District 109, which includes DeSoto, Cedar Hill, Glenn Heights, Hutchins, Lancaster, Wilmer, as well as parts of Ovilla, Ferris, Seagoville, and Dallas. He serves on the House Appropriations Committee, the House Corrections Committee and, also served on the special select judicial committee.

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