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Representative Swanson Announces Session Successes, Looks Forward to 88th 
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by: Rep. Swanson, Valoree

AUSTIN - Representative Valoree Swanson (R-Spring) passed 5 House Bills and 3 Senate Bills this session, and provisions of several others were passed in other vehicles. She now looks forward to getting back to work on critical issues in the Special Session and in the 88th Legislature.

Her successful bills this session covered a wide range of issues.

House Bill 29 will provide jurors (and other Texans) the ability to store their firearms in secure lockers at county courthouses, rather than having to leave them in their vehicles where they can be stolen and end up on our streets.

House Bill 1306 will raise the offense of assaulting a process server to a felony. These individuals play a crucial role in the judicial process, serving papers to individuals to appear before a court. Process servers often have weapons drawn on them, they are assaulted or threatened, and they have dogs loosed on them, among other dangers. HB 1306 will help protect them.

House Bill 1400 will increase the penalty for impersonating a private investigator. Unlicensed private investigators defraud the public by unlawfully acquiring evidence, which can then be thrown out in court. It is important to protect the public from being shaken down by these perpetrators.

House Bill 3340 will protect a Texan's right to appeal a dangerous dog decision and will ensure that dogs are not euthanized before an appeal can be filed. Many people consider their dogs to be a part of the family, and to have one destroyed without the opportunity to appeal is a violation of due process, and it's just plain wrong.

House Bill 4544 will help rehabilitated children, who are released from the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, and who are in the country legally, to receive identification documents. Helping these rehabilitated juveniles get identification will help them find jobs, stay off of welfare, and reduce the likelihood of repeat offenses.

Senate Bill 1761 will make campaign finance reports more transparent and less confusing so that voters and candidates can understand exactly how the money is spent.

Senate Bill 2093 will ensure fairness and good government by requiring all candidates to pay the same filing fee that Republicans and Democrats are already required to pay.

Senate Bill 2171 will create a Harris County Municipal Utility District to assist local businesses and residents with getting critical access to water.

"The 87th Legislature came to a close today, and I am proud of the work we did. However, there is much that remains to be addressed, such as election integrity – something I have fought for since long before I ever ran for office – and the protection of girls’ sports, among other important items. I look forward to getting back to work in the Special Session and in the 88th Legislature.” Rep. Swanson said.

Other victories this session include major emergency reforms to fix and strengthen the Texas energy grid, the passage of Constitutional Carry, the protection of preborn babies with the Heartbeat Act, an end to the unjust and unsanitary practice of urban camping, the banning of local governments defunding police, increased penalties for blocking the highway, the banning of vaccine passports, increased funding for border security operations, and the passage of a balanced budget.

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