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Governor Abbott Includes Property Tax Relief in the Upcoming Special Session Agenda 
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by: Rep. White, James

(Austin, TX) - State Representative James White asked that Governor Greg Abbott consider including meaningful property tax relief in the call for a special session. The governor did just that this morning, July 7th, in his declaration for a special session to begin on July 8th.

For several months, our fellow Texans suffered job losses and small business closures. This has led to catastrophic economic impacts that continue to persist now. At the same time, property taxpayers are receiving skyrocketing appraisals.

"The ability to acquire, own, develop, and dispose of real property is a cornerstone aspect of free societies. The Texas property tax is the most existential threat to our culture of rugged individualism and free market economics. Instead of saving and acquiring property, too many of our young people openly are advocating for socialism because they do not see themselves as having 'skin in the game.' Successful property tax relief is meaningful, measurable, and maintainable," said Rep. James White in a letter sent to Gov. Abbott.

The federal government has returned at least $15.8 billion in taxpayer monies to Texas in the form of COVID-19 relief. Although the funds can not be used directly to supplant state tax revenues, no restriction seems to exist if the Legislature wants to provide local governing entities, such as school districts additional revenues that may result in statutory-mandated tax compression.

Please do not hesitate to contact Saul Mendoza, Chief of Staff, with questions regarding this release at 512-463-0490 or 409-283-3700.

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