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Representative Carl O. Sherman’s HB 362 signed by Governor 
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by: Rep. Sherman, Carl Sr.

Austin, Texas – Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed State Representative Carl O. Sherman’s House Bill 362 into state law last week as the 87th regular legislative session comes to an end in May.

House Bill 362 allows a Commissioners Court to require electronic submission of bids or proposals in lieu of hard-copy submissions when applicable.

“This is an important step in regard to the ongoing purchasing and contracting needs in counties all around Texas,” Representative Sherman said.

Dallas County currently allows for electronic submission of bids and proposals but does not require it and hard copy submissions were also accepted as well.

“Receiving both hard copies and electronic copies forced counties to either convert the hard copies to an electronic format or vice versa defeating the purpose,” Representative Sherman added.

The bill passed in the House with 134 yeas and 10 nays and passed unanimously in the Texas senate with 31 yeas giving a nod to streamlining Texas Counties’ bid and proposal process.

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