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Representative Erin Zwiener Lays Out Tourism Bill in Committee 
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by: Rep. Zwiener, Erin

Driftwood, TX On Saturday, legislation by Representative Zwiener (Driftwood) advanced. House
Concurrent Resolution 13 and its senate companion, Senate Concurrent Resolution 9, has now passed both
chambers and is headed to the Governor's desk. House Bill 2345 and House Bill 2433 have been passed by
the Texas House, now waiting to be heard in the Texas Senate.

Im encouraged by the movement on these bills, said Rep. Zwiener. I ran for office to do my part in
making my community a better place, and these bills will help these communities in House District 45 draw
in tourism and more efficiently put tax dollars to work.

House Bill 2345 would allow Blanco County to impose up to a 7% hotel occupancy tax to be used for the
promotion of tourism. Right now in Blanco County, the two largest municipalities, Johnson City and the City
of Blanco, have the authority to issue up to a 7% hotel occupancy tax on hotels located in their city limits.
However, hotels located outside those city limits are not subject to the same taxation, creating uneven
taxation throughout the County. The use of hotel occupancy tax is vital to the cities that impose it, and the
creation of this additional revenue stream for Blanco County would be valuable in the promotion of tourism.

House Bill 2433 would grant the use of hotel occupancy tax for dark skies promotional activities to
additional municipalities located outside of Austin. Last session we passed HB 4158, which granted small
municipalities in Hays and Blanco the ability to issue a hotel occupancy tax to be used for the promotion of
dark skies tourism. This bill expands the population bracket in that bill, allowing for additional municipalities
to do the same.

House Concurrent Resolution 13 would designate the City of San Marcos as the Mermaid Capital of Texas.
For over ten thousand years, San Marcos has held a special connection with its river, representing and
sustaining the city and the local community. San Marcos has embodied the spirit of the mermaid for years,
and with this designation, can continue to promote and celebrate mermaids for years to come.

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