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State House Passes Medicaid Managed Baylor Scott and White Healthcare Program 
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by: Rep. Shine, Hugh

AUSTIN, Texas The Texas House of Representatives officially passed House Bill 3662 on Friday, May 7. State Representative Hugh D. Shine (Temple) Joint Authored the bill with Representative Brad Buckley (Killeen), Representative Kyle Kacal (College Station) and James Talarico (Round Rock).
Supported by Baylor Scott and White, House Bill 3662 is a local bill that extends current protections in Central Texas by ensuring that the Scott and White Health Plan is offered to more Medicaid recipients by allowing the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to contract with Managed Care Organizations, like Baylor Scott and White, to provide services.

House Bill 3662 is a landmark piece of legislation for Central Texas because the area is predominately rural and lacks a tax base large enough to create a public healthcare system as seen in major cities around Texas. Central Texas does, however, have Baylor Scott and White as an anchor for the region's healthcare infrastructure.

This bill only effects the Central Texas Medicaid region, and does not exclude other plans from participating with the program. This protection will promote competition and choice for Medicaid patients by ensuring more access to healthcare for those in the region on Medicaid to high quality care.

If passed into law, House Bill 3662 would take effect on September 1, 2021.
House Bill 3662 passed the Texas House on May 7, having passed with 99 'Aye' Votes. The Senate companion, Senate Bill 1403, is carried by Senator Dawn Buckingham (R-Lakeway). The legislation now goes to the Senate. Following passage in the Senate, House Bill 3662 would need to be signed into law by the Governor.

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