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Rep. Jake Ellzey Co-Authors Bills That Pass the House Further Protecting 2nd Amendment Rights 
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by: Rep. Ellzey, Jake

AUSTIN - Today, two bills co-authored by Rep. Jake Ellzey passed the Texas House to further protect constitutional rights.

HB 1927 will allow citizens who are 21 years of age or older to lawfully carry a handgun for personal protection without seeking a license to carry, more commonly known as a concealed carry license. To better protect constitutional rights, HB 1500 prevents local, county and state government officials from being able to close a handgun or ammunition store during a pandemic.

Ellzey comments, "I am proud to be a co-author of HB 1927 and HB 1500 - both bills uphold our Constitutional right to protect ourselves and our families. During the pandemic some officials over-stepped their authority in attempt to infringe on our 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights. HB 1500 protects Texans' right to purchase handguns and ammunition."

HB 1927 allows those 21 years of age or older who can legally possess a handgun to carry a handgun, open or concealed, without a license to carry and maintains the license to carry (LTC) program as an option. The bill upholds current state law allowing a person to carry a handgun in a holster in public places where it is not otherwise prohibited.

Ellzey explains, "HB 1927 does not change who can possess a firearm or affect the purchase of firearms. The bill levels the playing field between everyday law abiding citizens and gives them a chance to protect themselves. This constitutional carry bill allows Texans to exercise freedoms guaranteed to them in our U.S. Constitution."

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