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by: Rep. Leach, Jeff

House Bill 19 Seeks to Protect Injured Texans & Curb Abusive, Frivolous “Commercial Vehicle” Lawsuits

AUSTIN – Yesterday, State Representative Jeff Leach, the author of House Bill 19, officially presented the bill to the Texas House Committee on Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence. The introduced version of HB19 is designed to ensure that every injured Texan has full, and complete access to justice while at the same time working to curb the abusive, frivolous lawsuits which have, in many cases, wrongfully targeted business of all sizes who own, maintain and operate commercial vehicle fleets in Texas. Representative Leach serves as Chairman of the Texas House Committee on Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence and, after the twelve hour hearing, announced a series of stakeholder meetings to work on the final version of the legislation.

Representative Leach stated, “I am grateful for the many Texans who are actively participating in the legislative process this session. On House Bill 19, I am especially thankful for the many Texans who took time to testify, some of whom traveled long distances, and to those who registered positions on the bill or engaged in our public portal online. Be assured that I and the other members of the Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee hear you and are taking your feedback seriously as we consider and deliberate on this important piece of legislation.”

Representative Leach continued, “I am immensely proud of the members of our Committee for ensuring a productive and positive discussion on such a vitally important issue. As evidenced during yesterday’s hearing, our Committee is committed to working collaboratively with all interested stakeholders on the final version of House Bill 19, and the initial hearing reflected a serious and substantive policy discussion that will ultimately ensure the strongest piece of legislation possible. I am confident that the final bill will ensure a level-playing field for Plaintiffs and Defendants, ensuring our courts are open, accessible, fair and just.”

At the conclusion of the hearing, Representative Leach invited written suggestions to be submitted to his office via e-mail at by Friday, March 12th at 5pm. He further announced that he, along with Committee members Speaker Pro Tem Joe Moody, Representative Julie Johnson and Representative Reggie Smith, will convene a stakeholders meeting on Monday, March 15th to work on amendments to the bill. Representative Leach plans to lay out a Committee Substitute to House Bill 19 on Wednesday, March 17th, and will allow the public time to review the final bill before the Committee votes to send it to the full house for consideration at a subsequent meeting.

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