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Rep. Capriglione Files Bill Package Protecting Consumer Data 
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by: Rep. Capriglione, Giovanni

AUSTIN - Today, State Representative Giovanni Capriglione filed six bills related to increasing the protection of consumer data by the private sector.

Last session, the Legislature passed HB 4390 (86R) which required businesses that experience a data breach of 250+ Texans personal information to report the breach to the Attorney General. Since implementation, the state has been notified that over 31 million Texans have been the victims of a data breach in 2020 alone.

In a 2019 Pew Research Center report1, 79% of survey respondents expressed concerns about data collection practices used by companies, 81% felt that they had little to no control over the data companies collect, and 59% felt that they had a limited understanding of what each company does with their data.

"Many Texans fear that they cannot own a smart device, use a search engine, shop online, browse social media, etc. without sacrificing their fundamental right to privacy. I look forward to working with my colleagues to pass these critical pieces of legislation that empower consumers to take back control of their sensitive personal information." - Rep. Capriglione

HB 3741 (Data Privacy Omnibus) - Increasing protection of personal identifying information collected, processed, or maintained by certain businesses in the private sector.

HB 3742 (Data Privacy - Genetic Testing) - Prohibiting use of genetic information from direct-to-consumer genetic tests by a long-term care benefit plan issuer or a life insurance company to set premiums.

HB 3743 (Data Privacy - Educational Data & Ransomware Payments) - Ensuring student data privacy during distance learning and prohibiting ransomware payments.

HB 3744 (Data Crime - Doxxing/SWATing, Catfishing, & Extortion Mugshots) - Prohibiting dissemination of false information, online impersonation, and removal of mugshots for a fee.

HB 3745 (Data Crime - Ticket Scalping & Retail Hacker Ban) - Prohibiting the use of artificial hacking bots/devices to purchase & resell event tickets and retail items.

HB 3746 (Data Breaches - AG Portal Clean-Up) - Requiring the AG data breach portal to be open to the public with increased information related to victims that have been sufficiently notified.

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