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Metcalf Files Criminal Justice Legislation 
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by: Rep. Metcalf, Will

AUSTIN State Representative Will Metcalf (Conroe) has filed House Bill 978 to address justice for victims of crime.

"Crime victims will never truly be whole. The fear will always exist following any kind of violent crime, theft or robbery. But we can make sure that we give them every tool available when they are due financial compensation." Metcalf continued, " I hope with this bill we can move Texas closer to making sure victims are cared for, that justice is truly served, and that we focus our energy where the greatest impact will be felt."

HB 978 would allow victims due compensation to claim their perpetrator's unclaimed property. The bill requires the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to file the claims on behalf of victims. The Unclaimed Property Fund is an account maintained by the Office of the Comptroller consisting of property belonging to Texans that has been reported as unclaimed. Current law does not allow victims to have access to this property, essentially leaving it protected until the inmate claims the property. By allowing victims to have access to these funds, we can make sure that they receive the compensation they are due from their assailants.

For more information, contact our Capitol office at (512) 463-0726.

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