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Buckley Files Bill to Create Penalties For Use of Fireworks Against Peace Officers 
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by: Rep. Buckley, Brad

AUSTIN, TX -- State Representative Brad Buckley (Salado) announced the filing of HB 2366, which would create criminal penalties for the use of fireworks and enhances existing penalties for the use of laser pointers against law enforcement officers.

"Protecting Texans' right to peacefully assemble is paramount to our representative democracy," Buckley said. "However, the use of fireworks and laser pointers against law enforcement officers puts them at risk, as well as all others assembling who wish to do so in a legal and peaceful manner. I will continue to support law enforcement officers having the resources and policies in place to help keep our communities safe."

Over the past year, peaceful expression was marred by acts of violence against law enforcement officers. Buckley joins several state leaders, including Governor Greg Abbott, in protecting peace officers from the use of fireworks and laser pointers as weapons so the officers can enhance public safety while protecting first amendment rights.

Governor Abbott commended Rep. Buckley, by stating “Law enforcement officers face dangerous situations every day in the name of public safety, and we have a duty to protect the men and women who protect our communities. During the nationwide riots last summer, rioters used lasers and fireworks to target law enforcement officers, resulting in serious injuries. We will not allow this in Texas. Representative Buckley’s bill will enhance penalties for these criminal acts and help keep law enforcement safe. I encourage the Legislature to pass these much needed protections.”
"I thank Governor Abbott for his leadership on this issue and look forward to getting this bill to his desk in our efforts to keep Texans safe and protect our constitutional rights," Buckley concluded.

Rep. Brad Buckley is a second-term legislator from Salado, Texas, and represents part of Bell County and all of Lampasas County in Central Texas. He holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University, and is a local veterinarian and small business owner in Killeen, Texas. Dr. Buckley is a cattle rancher and raises, trains, and shows cutting horses. He is married to Dr. Susan Buckley, who is a career educator. They are the proud parents of Emily, Erin and Bo, and are proud new grandparents to baby Leo.

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