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Representative Ed Thompson Files Bill Ensuring all Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities are Equipped with Emergency Power Sources 
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by: Rep. Thompson, Ed

AUSTIN, TX – Today, State Representative Ed Thompson filed House Bill 2325 which will ensure that all nursing and assisted living facilities are equipped with an operational emergency generator or a comparable power source.

"I am proud to file this meaningful piece of legislation," said Representative Thompson. "During the summer of 2019—following an unexpectedly severe storm—I visited an assisted living facility in House District 29. During my visit, I became extremely concerned for its residents who were without power for an extended period of time. Certain kinds of living facilities are not required to have backup generation, and Winter Storm Uri proved to me that the time to require emergency power sources is now."

Residents in nursing and assisted living facilities are often some of the most vulnerable citizens and in a state like Texas where weather events such as hurricanes, floods, tornados, and storms are commonplace, it is imperative that these Texans have reliable power.

"It is imperative that facilities who house and care for those who cannot live independently are equipped to function and provide support during these circumstances. In light of recent events that left millions of Texans without power, ensuring the safety of those in our community who need additional care is of greater importance than ever before," said Representative Thompson.

“Vulnerable residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Texas need the protections offered under House Bill 2325,” said AARP Texas Director Tina Tran. “Enactment of this important bill will help to ensure that there is adequate supplemental power to keep residents cool during hot Texas summers and warm in the event of a severe winter storm.”

House Bill 2325 will provide a measure of security, safety, and peace-of-mind to the residents of nursing and assisted living facilities who are often unable to endure a loss of power for extended periods of time without potentially life-threatening consequences. Representative Thompson is honored to be able to work on such important legislation and establish an additional safeguard which will serve to keep the lights on during trying times.

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