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State Representative Hugh D. Shine Joint Authors Bipartisan Legislation on School Finance 
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by: Rep. Shine, Hugh

AUSTIN, Texas – On Wednesday, February 10, State Representative Hugh D. Shine (Temple) joint authored House Bill 1246. Filed by Gina Hinojosa (Austin), the bill was also joint authored by Sam Harless (Houston) and James Talarico (Round Rock).

House Bill 1246 relates to the use of average enrollment for purposes of the public school finance system. If passed, HB 1246 would change the school funding system to be calculated based on the number of students enrolled. Currently, Texas school finance is calculated based on student average daily attendance.

“I am delighted to join my colleague State Representative Gina Hinojosa as a joint author for House Bill 1246 that changes the funding formula for Texas public schools from average daily attendance (ADA) to total enrollment,” said State Representative Hugh D. Shine. “The COVID19 pandemic has revealed the difficulty Texas public schools have in developing and adopting their budgets based on the current ADA formula and HB 1246 will streamline that process”.

House Bill 1246 has garnered strong support from superintendents across the state but especially in Bell County. “This is a ‘make sense’ piece of legislation that eliminates the antiquated system of funding schools for attendance”, said Dr. Bobby Ott, superintendent of Temple ISD. “Schools adopt budgets and provision staff/resources based upon the number of students enrolled. This piece of legislation finally lines up the funding structure with the true operating expenses to adequately serve our children.”

“Texas school districts, including Belton ISD, have to plan and staff for 100% of the students enrolled in the school district but are only funded based on an attendance percentage” said Dr. Matt Smith, superintendent of Belton ISD. “Funding for average daily membership instead of attendance would enable us to plan for each and every student while supporting our teachers.”

The next step is to receive a hearing by the public education committee. This month, the Public Education Committee assignments were announced by Speaker Dade Phelan (Beaumont). The Public Education Committee is chaired by Representative Harold Dutton Jr. (Houston).

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