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by: Rep. Crockett, Jasmine

Newly-Elected State Representative Makes Good On Campaign Promises, Files More Bills Than Any of Her Freshmen Colleagues

AUSTIN, TX - While the Texas House of Representatives is back on recess, Representative Jasmine Crockett of House District 100, the only newly-elected legislator from the Dallas delegation, has been steadily at work filing bills and assisting constituents. Crockett, 39, leads the way among her freshmen classmates with the most bills filed so far. Representative Crockett has truly brought the fire to Austin.
with filing a remarkable sixteen bills at the time of publication and more than a two dozen other bills currently being drafted.

Crockett has filed substantial legislation regarding criminal justice reform, voting rights, and equitable economic recovery — making good on campaign promises to author legislation meaningful to her district. Representative Crockett’s legislative package contains landmark bills such as “Breonna’s Bill” outlawing “no-knock” warrants; and a number of bills designed to expand access to the ballot box including online voter registration, the reinstatement of straight-ticket voting, and electoral college reform. Crockett intends to file further bills to fortify the Castle Doctrine, reform cannabis laws, and ensure we build back from the pandemic.

Representative Crockett is also focused on the needs of her community. “I’m here to work,” she says. “The House being in session or recess is not of concern to my constituents who’ve sent me here to fight for them each and every day. The need for rental assistance, unemployment benefits, and other necessities does not pause when the House does, so neither should I.”

In addition to her legislative duties, Crockett is tirelessly working to help constituents get vaccinated for COVID-19, receive unemployment benefits, and discussing their legislative priorities for the 87th session. Representative Crockett is diligently fighting for, and collaboratively engineering the means to deliver more vaccines to House District 100 residents.

Representative Crockett is both the youngest and the only new Black Caucus member for this session. Both her legal background and legislative acumen have prepared her to be a leader. Crockett is a criminal defense, civil rights, and personal injury attorney licensed to practice in Texas, Arkansas, and Federal courts. She has practiced law for the past 15 years, including as a former public defender in Bowie County.

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