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Representative Lopez & Colleagues Commence 87th Texas Legislative Session 
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by: Rep. Lopez, Ray

Austin, Tx – Today marks the commencement of the 87th Legislative Session at the Texas State Capitol. This session will undoubtedly look and operate differently from years past due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.

“I am eager to begin this session and while the task ahead is great, I believe that every member of the legislature is prepared to face the challenges of the session. My team and I have transitioned from the recommended work-from-home environment to our new Capitol office in E1.406. As recommended by House Administration, I’ve implemented a series of COVID-19 safety protocols. It is my goal this session to continue to maintain accessibility for my constituents while doing everything possible to stem the spread of COVID-19 among our members and staff.”

“As legislators, we owe it to the thousands of doctors, nurses, teachers, and countless other essential workers to do our jobs under any circumstances. Frontline workers have unselfishly risked their lives and supported Texas communities throughout this pandemic. Now, it is our turn to do the same. As I retake my oath of office today, I am reminded of our sworn duty to uphold our responsibility to the people of Texas and I am wholly committed to that mission.”

Increased security measures have been implemented to ensure the integrity of the Texas legislative process. Our state, local, and nation guard units have been deployed to protect the Texas Capitol.

“I’ll continue the work on behalf of the residents of my district and promise to honestly represent the good people of Texas, despite any challenges.”

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