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by: Rep. Guerra, Bobby

Austin, TX - All members of the Texas Senate and House of Representatives assembled in the House chamber on Tuesday, Jan. 31 to hear Governor Greg Abbott deliver his State of the State address.

Speaking before the first joint session of the 85th Legislature, Governor Abbott used the opportunity to discuss our state's current political and economic conditions. Additionally, he tasked lawmakers with fulfilling his short list of emergency items this legislative session.

He began his address by pointing out how exceptional the state of Texas is, noting our growing workforce and declaring our state economy as the 10th largest in the world. He continued by praising the public education system for yielding some of the highest graduation rates in the country, especially amongst Latinos and economically-disadvantaged populations.

Throughout his speech, Abbott expressed specific concern for a number of issues that spanned from school finance reform to rising property taxes across the state.

Most notably, Governor Abbott formally declared four key issues as emergency items for the current legislature to resolve. These issues include: fixing our state's broken Child Protective Services (CPS) agency; the governor's concern regarding "sanctuary cities"; restoring the public's trust through proposing ethics reform; and charging the legislature with supporting a 'Convention of States' resolution that would afford states the opportunity to amend the U.S. Constitution.

Representative Guerra stated, "I applaud Governor Abbott and House leadership for standing up for the most vulnerable Texans and vowing to fix our broken CPS system. Furthermore, I support any effort that provides better access to high quality Pre-K education for all children. I will also work with leadership to ensure Texans can have confidence in their government through passage of ethics reform.

"However, with so much work to be done in Texas, prioritizing our citizens concerns and the needs of our state is paramount to our prosperity. We must continue to better serve Texans, first and foremost," he concluded.

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