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Rep. VanDeaver Files HB 685 to Protect Vet Clinics from Electric Service Disruptions 
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by: Rep. VanDeaver, Gary

(Austin, TX) - State Representative Gary VanDeaver filed a sixth piece of legislation last week, House Bill 685, an act relating to the creation of a critical care protection program for veterinarian electric customers. This bill adds a section to the Utilities Code that will establish a protection program for veterinarians that both notifies them of interruptions or suspensions in service and provides disconnection protections to prevent harm to animals under their care. This will help protect veterinary clinics that use electric-powered equipment or medical devices considered crucial for the health and safety of animals.

Upon filing HB 685, Rep. VanDeaver said:

"One of the veterinarians in my district fell victim to a technical payment glitch on the part of the electric company that resulted in his clinic unexpectedly losing power in the middle of the night without notification. This event could have proved fatal to any animals dependent on electrical equipment for survival, and at the least costly due to the loss of medications that require continuous refrigeration. My hope with HB 685 is to statutorily assure the protection of veterinary clinics from future cutoffs of electrical service."

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