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Rep. VanDeaver Files Legislation Ahead of 87th Legislature 
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by: Rep. VanDeaver, Gary

(Austin, TX) - State Representative Gary VanDeaver filed five pieces of legislation on the first day of filing, November 9th, 2020, ahead of the 87th Legislative Session. This legislation includes the following:

HB 306 - This bill will increase transparency, accountability, and efficiency for the Medical Advisory Board, which makes recommendations to the Department of Public Safety regarding driver licenses and licenses to carry (LTCs) for people with medical conditions.
HB 315 - This bill will enable honorably retired peace officers to purchase a uniform in retirement and use it in their burial if they wish.
HB 318 - This bill will prohibit employers from discriminating against employees who are volunteer emergency responders and miss work as a result of their service.
HB 363 - This bill increases protections of K-12 student data by requiring operators to adhere to strict information protocols and a student data protection agreement.
HCR 3 - This concurrent resolution directs the lieutenant governor and speaker of the House of Representatives to direct the appropriate house and senate committees to conduct an interim study regarding the feasibility of integrating the Northeast Texas Trail (NETT) into the state park system.

Upon filing these initial five pieces of legislation, Rep. VanDeaver said:

"I am excited to represent the unique needs and interests of House District 1 through this legislation. Almost all of these issues were brought to my attention by residents of the district. My staff and I are ready to work hard in achieving the goals of our residents through the legislative process."

Representative VanDeaver went on to say that around 700 bills had been filed by the morning of November 12th, and that his office will be filing several more bills as they finish the drafting process through the Texas Legislative Council. He looks forward to working with constituents, advocates, state agencies, and other lawmakers in creating positive change for all Texans. If you would like to follow the progress of this legislation, please visit

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