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Representative Lopez Shares Lessons from Recovery 
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by: Rep. Lopez, Ray

San Antonio, Tx – Over the Halloween weekend, Representative Ray Lopez of House District 125 published an opinion article in the San Antonio Express News detailing his recovery from a mild heart attack he experienced only a short six weeks ago. In it he shares the valuable lessons he learned from the entire process and urges greater preventative health practices.

His intention is clear: to help prevent what he terms the “Silent Pandemic of 2020”: the phenomenon of non-CoVID related illnesses going unchecked and untreated. The Representative said that “I want to share my experience with people and hopefully mitigate any fears about contracting CoVID-19 while seeking treatment for other health issues.”

Along with Representative Lopez’s thoughts, the article includes statistics and opinions from medical experts, including Dr. Dawn Hui, the surgeon who performed Representative Lopez’s heart procedure. The data is clear, suggesting that significantly high numbers of people with pre-existing conditions or newly developed conditions are hesitating to seek medical treatment due to fear of contracting CoVID-19.

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