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State Representative Carl O. Sherman Sr.’s second Hope Summit recognizes Beacons of Hope and calls for change  print page

by: Rep. Sherman, Carl Sr.

Lancaster, Texas – He has been called Mr. Hope by his peers. At his second Hope Summit Friday State Representative Carl O. Sherman Sr. (D-109), recognized four hope leaders walking alongside him in his vision of hope.

Representative Sherman acknowledged John Proctor, Chairman of the Regional Black Contractors Association; Daron Babcock, Executive Director of Bonton Farms; Dawn Freeman, CEO of the Securus Foundation and partner in the Hope Summit as well as Saul Paul who Representative Sherman pointed out is using his “personal journey from prison to purpose to provide a message of hope, inspiration, and empowerment to transform lives.” These four individuals were named the 2020 Beacon of Hope recipients by Representative Sherman and the Real Hope Committee.

“As a nation, we must recognize that we are going to be held accountable for how we treat people in our system,” Representative Sherman said in his opening remarks at the second Hope Summit.

“The people who go into the prison system are just like you and I,” Representative Sherman he said. “They are only different after we release them. So, what we are doing to change their lives, to change their trajectory must change. That is why this is important.”

Key thinkers in the criminal justice field and prison system came together at the second Hope Summit to continue their dedication to social justice. Social justice that relates to the judicial process, law enforcement/policing, prison reform and probation & parole.

Participating for the second time, Bryan Collier, Director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), along with Representative Sherman discussed the importance of continued legislative engagement. There were also riveting sessions on community & faith-based engagement, corporate engagement, education & training, health, and mental health care, as well as workforce development.

In addition to Representative Sherman, the summit was carried on by Dawn Freeman and keynote speaker Stedman Graham. During his words, Graham emphasized the ongoing importance of restoring hope to returning citizens.
Keeping the momentum strong, Representative Sherman stated, “The first Hope Summit was focused on bringing awareness to these large issues. Now, with the second Summit, I have added to that by sharing the success that came from that first summit in February. People need this. The time is now."

The first Hope Summit was held this past February. It was a groundbreaking overview of the present state and future for prison and criminal justice reform. The takeaway from February’s summit also offered the added purpose of offering hope, restoration, resources, and opportunities to returning citizens, formerly incarcerated and the ongoing work that is being done on behalf of Representative Sherman and other key players.

“We can’t be the judge and jury and we do have a responsibility to exemplify hope regardless of the hopeless situation or the hopeless person in front of us,” Representative Sherman stated. “We are to be the instruments of change. I am grateful that we are working together to make change happen.”

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