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Representative Tony Tinderholt Issues Statement on TRS Office Space Lease  print page

by: Rep. Tinderholt, Tony

"I am disturbed by the 10-year lease for office space recently revealed by the Teacher's Retirement System in downtown Austin. Coming in at north of $326,000 per month (or well north of $40 million over 10 years) the extravagant space is what many would expect from California or New York state governments. In Texas we should operate differently, especially when TRS tells legislators and retirees they are not properly funded.

If there is a shortage of room, as TRS claims, we should find a reasonable approach to expansion. However, to claim one of the most highly sought after office spaces in the state is somehow necessary to represent the needs of Texas teachers and retirees is unnerving. Quite frankly, the decision appears to be out of touch with the average teacher who makes $55,000 per year or the retiree who may draw in a pension of less than $2,000 per month.

I have heard from teachers and retired teachers throughout my district regarding this decision. To say they are unhappy would be quite the understatement. I share their outrage. This should be an example to legislators and the people of Texas the tone deafness of many Austin bureaucrats."

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