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by: Rep. Thompson, Ed

AUSTIN Representative Ed Thompson is glad to announce that he will hold the kickoff meeting for his House District 29 Advisory Councils on Monday, February 24th at 6pm. The kickoff will be held at the Pearland Chamber of Commerce (6117 Broadway Street, Pearland, Texas 77581.

After a legislative session concludes, each Committee of the Texas House of Representatives is assigned interim charges. These interim charges task each committee with studying the implementation and associated rulemaking of legislation passed during the previous legislative session with an emphasis on ensuring the legislative intent of each bill is achieved. In addition, each committee is given the responsibility of investigating issues and priorities that Representatives have indicated they are interested in working on during the upcoming legislative session.

In an effort to ensure that he is representing his constituents' beliefs and points-of-view to the best of his ability, Representative Thompson has formed five House District 29 Advisory Councils to study these interim charges. These councils are:

the Business and Commerce Advisory Council;
the Education Advisory Council;
the Government Advisory Council;
the Health and Human Services Advisory Council;
and the Transportation Advisory Council.

Each Advisory Council will review and discuss the interim charges that relate to its particular subject matter area. Representative Thompson will be able to listen directly to the feedback of his constituents on these relevant matters, take that feedback with him to Austin, and make sound policy decisions that reflect the will of House District 29 voters.

If you wish to join an Advisory Council, or have any other questions relating to Advisory Councils, you may contact Liz Sitta at Again, the kickoff meeting will be held on Monday, February 24th at 6 pm at the Pearland Chamber of Commerce.

You may contact my Chief of Staff, Molly Wilson, at (512) 463-0707 should you have any other questions.

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