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by: Rep. Bucy, John III

H.B. 3 invests $9 Billion into Texas schools, provides true tax relief to all Texas

AUSTIN— Today, the Texas House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed H. B. 3 by Dan Huberty, chair of the House Committee on Public Education, investing $9 billion into Texas schools, including providing for full-day Pre-K, increases in funding for special education, and pay raises for all full-time district employees.

H.B. 3 increases the basic allotment, or the minimum guaranteed funding, per pupil for Round Rock and Leander ISDs from $ 5,140 per student to $6,030 per student. It will reduce recapture payments entirely for Leander ISD and result in significant recapture payment savings for Round Rock ISD for the next biennium.

"This is the most transformative school finance bill in decades," Rep. Bucy said. "I enthusiastically support it and I applaud Speaker Bonnen and Chair Huberty for their leadership and dedication on this issue. We are ensuring our schools have the resources they need to prepare our children for the future while providing true and needed property tax relief to everyone in our community. Last year the voters sent a message loud and clear that it was time to fund our schools, and this time, the House heard them."

Leander ISD is estimated to have recapture payments of $10.2 million without H.B. 3. Under the current version of the bill, the school district will instead come out of recapture entirely and retain all tax dollars locally.

Round Rock ISD is presently estimated to have recapture payments of $119.7 million. Under the current version of H.B. 3, there would instead be no recapture payment for 2020 and a significant reduction down to $22.6 million for 2021, a savings of $97.1 million.

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