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Chairman White Legislation Promoting Safe Texas Roads Effective in September  print page

by: Rep. White, James

(Austin, TX) – During the 2019 Legislative Session, which ended in late May, State Representative White joined his colleagues in passing landmark legislation to transform an archaic and dysfunctional school finance system, provide reforms for the burdensome property tax code, and improve public safety. State Rep. White along with Senator Robert Nichols passed House Bill 61 to promote safety on our Texas roads by providing vehicle escorts the discretion to equip their vehicles with blue and amber lights.

Many of us have seen escort flag vehicles on the highway that follow in front and behind large oversize and overweight vehicles. These flag vehicles facilitate the safe movement of oversize vehicles by giving oncoming traffic and passing traffic a visual indicator to signal a large vehicle’s presence. Escort operators currently position orange flags on both sides their vehicles at 45°. These flags do not provide sufficient indication to other traffic. HB 61 addresses the issue and facilitates greater safety by providing the option for escort flag vehicles to have alternating or flashing blue and amber lights. The Texas A&M Transportation Institute conducted research on the topic and found that drivers perceive vehicles displaying flashing or alternating lights as indicating a more hazardous situation.

HB 61 includes other commonsense safety measures for maintenance/construction vehicles, service vehicles, and stationary vehicles used exclusively for the transport of municipal solid waste.

"I am thankful to my constituent, Allen Fitts, who brought these road safety concerns to my attention and am incredibly thankful to him for driving up to Austin to testify in favor of the legislation," said State Representative White. "This legislation will help prevent accidents on our roads and promote safety for all."

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