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Rep. Zwiener’s Buda Aquifer Storage and Recovery Bill Becomes Law  print page

by: Rep. Zwiener, Erin

Austin, TX — Senate Bill 483, the Senate companion to House Bill 1044 by Representative Erin Zwiener, was signed into law, effectively immediately, by Governor Greg Abbott on Monday, June 10. Representative Zwiener (Driftwood) and Senator Campbell (New Braunfels) worked together to pass SB 483 to allow the City of Buda to store fresh water in the Hays Trinity Aquifer in times of abundance so they can draw from it during peak usage times and drought.

“Buda is growing fast and so is their need for water,” said Rep. Zwiener. “This legislation lets the City capture excess surface water and will reduce their reliance on Edwards Aquifer groundwater.”

Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) is an innovative technology already to utilize existing geological formations to store water in underground reservoirs to draw from during dry periods. It is less expensive to implement and results in less loss of water to evaporation.

“The City of Buda is very grateful for the hard work of Representative Zwiener and Senator Campbell for getting the bill passed for the benefit of the residents of Buda,” said Blake Neffendorf, Buda’s Water Resource Coordinator. “This will allow us to have a more resilient water supply and more flexibility in terms of utility operations.”

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