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Senate Passes Rep. Lopez's Parole Officer Caseload Study 
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by: Rep. Lopez, Ray

Austin, Texas - In the early morning hours of May 23rd, the Texas Senate unanimously passed House Bill 4754 by Representative Lopez (Bexar) that would commission a study to analyze ways to improve upon onerous workloads of parole officers. This bill will now return to the House of Representatives for final approval. However, because there were no added amendments by the Senate, this bill is likely to be delivered to Governor Abbott's desk to be signed into law at his discretion.

As the 150th member to join the 86th Legislature, Representative Lopez worked swiftly and diligently to see HB 4754 reach this stage of the legislative process. In addition to five bills that Rep. Lopez joint authored that have reached the Governor's desk, HB 4754 is his first original piece of legislation to achieve this milestone.

"House Bill 4754 will allow the legislature to accurately address the problem of overburdening caseloads that Texas Parole Officers are facing. The information that we can gather with this study will help produce meaningful legislation in the years to come," said Representative Lopez. "I'm incredibly grateful to all my colleagues, the Texas State Employees Union (TSEU), and my staff who helped see this goal become reality."

With the final days of the 86th legislature coming to a close, Governor Abbott will have until the final week of June to sign HB 4754 into law. This study will not only benefit the people of House District 125 but will improve the lives of parole officers and parolees across the State of Texas.

With less burdensome caseloads, Parole Officers will be able to allocate more time to their parolees that will allow them to foster more fruitful relationships and reduce recidivism rates among criminal justice involved persons. Representative Lopez hopes that HB 4754 will save Texas taxpayers money by reducing the high turnover rates among Parole Officers and reducing the amount of people awaiting parole in jail.

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