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Representative González Passes Legislation to Provide Essential Water and Sewer Services to Texans  print page

by: Rep. González, Mary

AUSTIN - Earlier today, the Texas House authorized $200 million in bonds to be used to help those who lack access to basic water and sewer services statewide. This money will help address the state’s current projected need of $360 million, and facilitate the provision of these essential services.

The Economically Distressed Areas Program (EDAP) has filled a gap for communities statewide, providing water and wastewater improvements to more than 400,000 Texans in rural and low-income areas since its creation.

Funds for EDAP have been facing depletion and must be replenished in order to continue serving Texans living in communities with a need for secure sources of water and safely managed wastewater. SJR 79 and SB 2452 seek to ensure the continuation of the program for communities across the state.

“This is truly a historic day for Texas,” said Rep. González. “There are hundreds of thousands of Texans in the year 2019 who are unable to flush their toilets, or even drink a clean glass of water in their homes. Today, we have passed legislation to change that reality.”

The Texas Water Development Board has issued over $784 million to date in General Obligation bonds to provide affordable water and wastewater services where needed. EDAP has been the most successful state program to fund these critical, necessary projects. SJR 79 and SB 2452 seek to implement the improvement in health and overall quality of lives of Texans across the state and guarantee that services continue to be provided to some of the state’s most vulnerable.

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