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Rep. Dominguez's Cameron County Flood Control District Bill Passes the Senate  print page

by: Rep. Dominguez, Alex

AUSTIN-- House Bill 4726 by State Representative Alex Dominguez (Brownsville) has passed the Texas Senate and is headed to Governor Greg Abbott to be signed into law. Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. (D-Brownsville) sponsored and passed the bill in the Senate. This is the fourth bill that has passed both chambers and is headed to the Governor's desk.

House Bill 4726 creates the Cameron County Flood Control District, which would construct and maintain improvements and other infrastructure to address flood management county wide.

"In Cameron County there are currently 5 drainage districts, but their territories leave a significant amount of the county unaccounted for, much of which is in low-lying coastal areas," Dominguez explained. "The goal of the flood control district is to supplement the current drainage districts to protect our citizens and land from flooding."

Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño issued the following statement:

“Cameron County Commissioners’ Court prioritized the Cameron County Flood Control District and Representative Alex Dominguez championed and secured passage of the District this legislative session. We applaud his efforts on this important legislation along with the efforts of Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. and the rest of the Cameron County delegation," Treviño said. "This new entity will enable the county to plan, construct, operate, and maintain important drainage projects for many years to come, allow us to protect property, as well as enhance our quality of life in communities where a drainage district does not exist today. With this funding vehicle we will be able to partner with federal, state, and local entities to leverage funds that become available for flood mitigation purposes. We ask for favorable consideration of HB 4726 from Governor Abbott.”

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