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Representative Dominguez's Disaster Recovery Legislation is Headed to the Governor  print page

by: Rep. Dominguez, Alex

AUSTIN-- House Bill 2340 by Rep. Alex Dominguez (Brownsville) has passed the Texas Senate and is headed to Governor Greg Abbott to be signed into law. Senator Nathan Johnson (Dallas) sponsored the bill in the Senate. This House bill is the one of seven bills Rep. Dominguez passed through the House and sent to the Senate. Rep. Dominguez passed the third most bills out of the House among the Freshman class.

House Bill 2340, encourages cooperation and partnerships among federal agencies, state government, local government, and private entities to reduce red tape and improve the effectiveness of response and recovery efforts. The bill also creates an Information Sharing Work Group and an Unmanned Aircraft Study Group to recommend changes to improve data quality and the use of drone technology during response and recovery of a disaster.

"The Legislature has learned very hard lessons from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and this bill is one of many pieces of legislation that will help our State to prepare for the next major disaster," said Dominguez. "I am proud to be the author of this piece of legislation that will ultimately help not only my constituents, but also Texans across the state."
Rep. Dominguez passed seven bills out of the House to the Senate that cover a variety of local and state issues. With the end of session around the corner, the Representative is diligently working to pass the remaining pieces of legislation.

"We have been working long days and late nights trying to get our agenda across the finish line," commented Dominguez. "I am very proud of the work my staff, including two staff members from Brownsville, has been doing, influencing members and staff to achieve the goals of my constituents and district."

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