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Rep. Dominguez Advances Three Bills Out of House Chamber  print page

by: Rep. Dominguez, Alex

AUSTIN-- This week State Representative Alex Dominguez (Brownsville) passed House Bills 1457, 1873, and 4726 out of the House. The legislation moved out of the chamber just before the midnight deadline for legislators to consider House bills on second reading.

House Bill 1457 gives counties the authority to provide better representation for indigent clients at the most crucial point of the criminal process, the magistrate hearing.

"The magistrate hearing is critical for a defendant during criminal proceedings," Dominguez said. "This bill removes a potential barrier to providing representation, and encourages more jurisdictions to do so."

House Bill 1873 requires the Texas Division of Emergency Management to create a report for the Legislature on improving oversight, accountability, and availability of building trade services following disasters.

"After hurricane Harvey, property owners struggled to find skilled tradespeople to help them rebuild their homes," Dominguez said. "Many property owners were scammed by fraudulent contractors who took advantage of their desperation. I'm proud to advance legislation that will help protect Texans in the aftermath of a natural disaster."

House Bill 4726 creates the Cameron County Flood Control District, which would have the authority to assess a tax in order to construct and maintain improvements and other infrastructure to address flood management county wide.

"In Cameron County there are currently 5 drainage districts, but their territories leave a significant amount of the county unaccounted for, much of which is in low-lying coastal areas," Dominguez explained. "The goal of the flood control district is to supplement the current drainage districts to protect our citizens and land from flooding."

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