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Representative Fierro (El Paso) Has Successful Week in Legislature  print page

by: Rep. Fierro, Art

Passes Bill Out of House to Increase Voter Turnout & Commodity Teleconference Bill on Its Way to the Governor

AUSTIN, Texas -- This week, Representative Art Fierro passed legislation out of the Texas House intended to increase voter turnout and also, he successfully passed through both chambers a teleconference commodity bill.

Rep. Fierro said, "Because Texans attempting to vote while supervising a young child often face challenges that may discourage them from voting, House Bill 2898 (H.B. 2898) allows, but does not require, an authority conducting an election to offer curbside voting assistance to a parent or legal guardian accompanied with a child who is five years of age or younger, thereby increasing opportunities for voter turnout."

Currently, the law already provides curbside voting for those who are physically unable to enter a polling place and HB 2898 simply expands this law to encourage more voter turnout. The bill is permissive, so each election authority can choose to implement this initiative, or not.

Moreover, the bill requires the Secretary of State, in cooperation with the county election administrators, to conduct a study to determine best practices in conducting voting and to provide a report the study's findings to each house of the legislature with jurisdiction over elections, not later than December 31, 2020.

This measure is in the hands of the Texas Senate awaiting action.

Additionally, this week's legislative achievements include Senate passage of Rep. Fierro's House Bill 2900, with the next stop being the governor's desk. The legislation allows, but does not require, a commodity producers board to hold an open or closed meeting by telephone conference call. Because Texas is such a vast state, it is often difficult for those in agriculture to give up an entire day of work to travel just to hold a board meeting in person.

"The bill subjects the teleconference meeting to the same requirements applicable to other meetings under the Texas Open Meetings Act, therefore it creates more opportunity for transparency while saving farmers and ranchers time and money," remarked Fierro.

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