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Freshman Representative Sheryl Cole Passes 6 Bills, More Amendments, Out of House before Deadline 
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by: Rep. Cole, Sheryl

AUSTIN, May 13, 2019 - Freshman Representative Sheryl Cole has successfully passed 6 bills, and amended another 2, out of the Texas House to the Senate, with policies that will greatly benefit House District 46 and Texas as a whole.

Cole had the following to say:

“Thanks to the support of the legislative leadership, my committee comrades, and colleagues, we have had a phenomenal session. I also appreciate my longtime friends and my team for their rock solid love and support. House District 46 has a seat at the table.”

The bills that she has successfully passed out of the House are the following:

HB 1131 - Creates a state financing program to assist school districts with small bonds and obligations, which would help our school districts with cheaper financing options without needing to go to the voters for a larger bond. Referred to the Senate Education Committee.

HB 1821 - Creates the Richard Overton Memorial Highway. Passed the Senate on May 10th.

HB 2617 - A transparency measure to help people keep track of their local government and budgeting procedures by requiring newly established taxing entities to regulate their fiscal year. Referred to the Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee.

HB 3086 - Closes a corporate tax loophole for the film industry. Passed out of the Senate Finance Committee and recommended for the uncontested calendar.

HB 3490 - Modernizes the Penal Code for Harassment by applying the code to indirect communication that frequently occurs online and on social media. Passed the House on 3rd reading on May 10th.

HB 4694 - Creates a Municipal Management District in East Travis County. Scheduled for a public hearing in the Senate Intergovernmental Relations Committee.

Beyond passing these 6 bills, Cole amended and Joint Authored HB 2496 with Rep. Cyrier, by adding language that would protect the historically African American churches of East Austin that are facing an affordability crisis, which passed out of the Senate Natural Resources & Economic Development Committee. Cole also coauthored HB 3143 with Rep. Murphy, and worked with him to amend the language and intent from her own HB 1977 into the final version, which was recently heard in the same Senate Committee.

The deadline for the House to consider bills on 2nd reading was Thursday, May 9th, a day that ultimately kills many bills originating in the House. There are several more looming deadlines in the final days of the Legislative Session, the largest one being Sine Die, the last day of the 86th Legislature, on Monday, May 27th.

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