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Rep. Dominguez Files Bill to Expand the Compassionate Use Program  print page

by: Rep. Dominguez, Alex

AUSTIN-- Today, State Representative Alex Dominguez (Brownsville) laid out House Bill 4045 in the Public Health Subcommittee on Medical Marijuana. House Bill 4045 would reform and expand the Compassionate Use Program.

"The Subcommittee on Medical Marijuana heard hours of compelling and emotional testimony this evening," Dominguez said. "The lesson we learned was that many Texans want relief for their loved ones and for themselves."

Currently, the Compassionate Use Program only allows cannabidiol (CBD) with not more than .5% tetrahydrocannabinols, also called THC. This is only for one medical condition, intractable epilepsy. While the creation of this program was a major step forward in providing suffering Texans the care they deserve, the program does not go nearly far enough, nor provide relief for enough Texans.

House Bill 4045 takes strides in addressing these issues by reforming various parts of the current statute and empowering Texas doctors to treat and heal a wider variety of patients. The bill gives physicians the discretion to determine any medical condition for which medical cannabis is a medically necessary treatment, as well as the discretion to determine the THC content necessary to address the patient's conditions.

"Whether they face PTSD, autism, cancer, or any other medical condition, medical cannabis can provide relief and treatment for many Texans that are suffering," Dominguez added. "We should allow our doctors, who are the best in the world, to have medical cannabis in their arsenal to treat our Texans."

House Bill 4045 was left pending in the subcommittee.

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