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Representative Dominguez Files Bill to Eliminate the Pink Tax  print page

by: Rep. Dominguez, Alex

AUSTIN-- This week, State Representative Alex Dominguez (Brownsville) filed House Bill 1707, relating to a sales and use tax exemption for certain female hygiene products. House Bill 1707 aims to abolish the sales and use tax on products that are specifically sold for the principal purpose of feminine hygiene in connection with the menstrual cycle.

"There is no excuse for the unjust taxation of products that are medically necessary for half of the population in Texas," Dominguez said. "As an advocate for equality for all Texans, I filed HB 1707 to abolish the pink tax."

The state of Texas charges a 6.25 percent sales and use tax on all retail sales. Many medical devices, services, and medicines are already exempt from the sales and use tax. The exemption of this sales and use tax would increase accessibility of feminine hygiene products, which are already costly healthcare needs.

"It is long overdue that we stop treating medical products used by women differently," Dominguez added. "We cannot achieve equality so long as this burdensome sales and use tax continues."

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