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by: Rep. Dominguez, Alex

AUSTIN-- This week, the Texas House of Representatives passed a monumental series of bills to rebuild communities, strengthen infrastructure, mitigate flooding and ensure the State of Texas is better prepared to respond to future natural disasters.

Included in the emergency response package is House Bill 2340, authored by State Representative Alex Dominguez (Brownsville). House Bill 2340, encourages cooperation and partnerships among federal agencies, state government, local government, and private entities to reduce red tape and improve the effectiveness of response and recovery efforts. The bill also creates an Information Sharing Work Group and an Unmanned Aircraft Study Group to recommend changes to improve data quality and the use of drone technology during response and recovery of a disaster.

"It's important that elected officials in Texas learn the lessons of Hurricane Harvey to provide faster and more effective relief to our Texans who suffer natural disasters," Dominguez said. "While this legislation arose from the aftermath of Harvey, the intent is to improve our response for future disasters throughout the entire state."

The Texas House passed more than a dozen bills to better equip the state in the event of a natural disaster. Making tangible improvements to flood mitigation and disaster response, recovery and preparedness are emergency items for the Texas Legislature, as designated by Governor Greg Abbott in his biennial State of the State address.

"I applaud Rep. Dominguez for helping to pass these critical pieces of legislation. It reflects their unwavering commitment to better preparing our state for future disasters, and will undoubtedly save lives," said Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen. "This legislation applies the lessons learned from Hurricane Harvey to improve response and recovery statewide, while also providing support to those affected. Texans have undergone enormous challenges in the months since Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast. But even in the face of our state's greatest disaster, they remained resilient. Thanks to Rep. Dominguez, we now have the resources to match."

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