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by: Rep. Dominguez, Alex

AUSTIN-- Today, Alex Dominguez (Brownsville) co-authored House Bill 3, comprehensive legislation to fundamentally transform the public school finance system in Texas. Following the bill's filing, Rep. Dominguez joined dozens of fellow House colleagues at a bipartisan joint press conference at the State Capitol to announce their support of House Bill 3.

"While working on the House Democratic Caucus Steering Committee on Public Education, we were able to give a great deal of thought on the big programs that we would like to push this Legislative Session," Dominguez said. "HB 3 contains many of those goals, and we think that it will be transformational for the educational foundation of tomorrow's children."

House Bill 3 (also referred to as the "Texas Plan") invests $9 billion above enrollment growth and current law entitlement toward student achievement, teacher quality and property tax reform, and will put more money into Texas classrooms than ever before. It represents the first major rewrite of the state's public school finance system undertaken without threat of a court order.

Changes in ADA generally increase across the board for Region I school districts. For example, Brownsville ISD will receive $562, Point Isabel ISD will receive $823, Los Fresnos CISD will receive $470, and Rio Hondo will receive $371. Furthermore, Point Isabel ISD will get to keep an additional $4 million that they otherwise would send back to the state in recapture dollars. Most importantly, HB 3 would permanently fund high quality, full-day Pre-K for low income and English language learning students.

"The House bill is very different than the Senate bill," Dominguez added. "Our bill is comprehensive and focuses on providing schools with the tools that they need to elevate the educational accomplishments of our students, and to reward those teachers that want to teach in challenging schools."

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