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Representative Mary Ann Perez Passes Card Skimmer Legislation 
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by: Rep. Perez, Mary Ann

AUSTIN, TX -- Today House Bills 2945, 2624 and 2625 passed in the Texas House of Representatives. These bills address card skimmers at gas pumps. Credit card skimming is a rapidly growing problem and data shows that Texas leads the nation in this type of crime.

Through months of negotiations and stakeholder meetings, Representative Perez was able to bring gas station owners, state agencies, financial institutions and law enforcement together in agreement to combat card skimmers at gas pumps. This is a major inconvenience for consumers whose personal account information has been compromised and results in millions of dollars in financial losses for banks throughout the state.

House Bill 2945 gives the Attorney General rulemaking authority to implement "best practices" in order to prevent skimmer installations on gas pumps. The bill also creates a payment fraud fusion center, which provides law enforcement with a centralized location and the tools necessary to investigate financial crimes.

House Bill 2624 allows offenders of payment fraud to be prosecuted in any county in which the crime was committed, or in any county in which a victim whose information was stolen resides.

Lastly, House Bill 2625 provides penalties to criminals who are caught with multiple counterfeit cards.

"This is a problem that Texas will take the lead on and become a model for other states. I appreciate the stakeholders coming together on this issue, but more importantly, the overwhelming support I have received from the Texas House of Representatives," said Rep. Perez. "I am proud that we, together as a body, will combat credit card skimming at gas pumps in Texas."

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