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An Action as Rare as His character, Representative Lopez Successfully Suspends House Rules to File Legislation Past Deadline 
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by: Rep. Lopez, Ray

As a proactive, seasoned policy maker, Representative Ray Lopez has called for a suspension of the House rules to allow himself to file seven pieces of original legislation. He is only the second freshman legislator to enter office on a special election following the bill filing deadline, in the history of the Texas House of Representatives, to successfully suspend the House rules to file original bills. Representative Lopez stated, "My team and I recognized that the bill filing deadline is simply a rule that can be suspended with the right support. Suspending the rules is something that is done all the time in both chambers. "I am incredibly honored that my colleagues supported this endeavor. I believe this opportunity will allow me to file bills that I truly believe will benefit the people of House District 125 and the State of Texas."

Being sworn into the 86th Texas Legislature on March 21st, 2019, Representative Lopez was at a disadvantage, being unable to file any original bills before the bill filing deadline of March 8th. Having successfully moved to suspend the House rules with a unanimous vote of 141 ayes, Rep. Lopez filed legislation of his own that he passionately believes should become law. Representative Lopez said, "I did this to better represent the interests and desires of my constituents, which I learned about when engaging with them while campaigning to be their elected official."

By successfully suspending the rules, Representative Lopez immediately filed seven bills that will need to go through every step of the legislative process. The only time this has been done before was In 1989, during the 79th legislative session when freshman Ken Vander Voort, successfully suspended the House rules to file a single piece of legislation. Rep. Lopez has now made Texas history in being the first member to file seven bills under these rare circumstances.

Bills Filed Today

HB 4753 – Relating to a study regarding the cost of child care in this state in comparison to wages.
HB 4754 – Relating to a study on the number of active releases on a paroles officer’s caseload.
HB 4755 – Relating to the requirements for interlocal contracts.
HB 4756 – Relating to authorizing the increase or decrease of the rates of the gasoline and diesel fuel taxes based on the cost of certain highway project.
HB 4757 – Relating to the provision of Medicaid benefits to certain former foster care youth.
HB 4758 – Relating to providing notice to a state representative and senator of an administrative penalty assessed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
HJR 153 - Proposing a constitutional amendment to require the legislature to appropriate funds to state institutions of higher education to fund certain education programs for veterans.

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