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Representative Rhetta Andrews Bowers Voices Her Concerns About House Bill 2 
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by: Rep. Bowers, Rhetta

Austin, TEXAS –State Representative Rhetta Andrews Bowers (113) has some key concerns regarding House Bill 2 , which would cap the property tax rate at 2.5% and require voter approval if a local government wanted to increase their property taxes above the 2.5% cap. Representative Bowers cited feedback from her district regarding the negative ramifications her constituents would experience should the Bill pass as the source of her concerns.

“After speaking with the leadership in the cities that I represent, we all agree that HB 2 presents some big concerns for us and the future of our district. The communities in my district have experienced major growth over the past few years, a trend that is only expected to continue. We believe that a cap on property taxes would curb high-growth communities' ability to meet local needs. If we are unable to meet the needs of our growing community, it would prove damaging to all residents and businesses in the area.”

The biggest issue with the property tax cap is it would leave local governments unable to meet the needs of their communities. Cities rely on the revenue generated from property taxes to provide essential services and funding for things like public schools, public safety, transportation infrastructure and organized recreational activities. In addition, individuals who risk their lives on a daily basis to serve and protect our communities, such as police officers and firefighters, rely on property taxes for their salaries. Furthermore, a cap on property taxes hinders local governments' capability to attract new businesses and create jobs, which would be detrimental to not just the cities in Representative Bowers' district, but cities all across Texas.

"Property tax relief is an issue that every single one of my colleagues and I have heard from our constituents about. We understand that this is something everyone wants and we are working overtime to deliver for the people we represent. However, I believe that HB 2 would ultimately be detrimental to my district. Therefore, I do not think that HB 2 is the answer at this time."

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