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by: Rep. Ramos, Ana-Maria

Austin, TX – State Representative Ana-Maria Ramos laid out her first piece of legislation as an elected official on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 in the Public Health Committee.

The bill, House Bill 1710, would require all health care professionals to discuss risks when prescribing Schedule II substances or opioids.

The committee heard testimony from individuals in support of the bill. Elaine Pozycki, the founder of Prevent Opioid Abuse, spoke first, giving emotional testimony on her late son's struggles with opioid addiction.

"Seven years ago today, my family, like so many other families here in Texas, was devastated by the loss of our son Steve to this opioid epidemic… . When he was prescribed these powerful drugs, neither he nor I were given any information on how addictive these drugs could be, and how fast dependency begins," Pozycki testified. "I truly believe that had my son or I been told of the potential for dependency or addiction of the opioids he was prescribed, he would be alive today."

Dr. Victor Vines, member of the American Board of Addiction Medicine, and Dr. Rhonda Patrick, with the Austin/Travis County Sobering Center, also testified for House Bill 1710.

"Patients have the right to be told by their doctors the high risks of the drugs they are being prescribed," Representative Ramos said. "I am honored to be a small part in the larger fight against the growing opioid epidemic in the state of Texas."

House Bill 1710 was unanimously voted out of committee and was sent to Local and Consent Calendars on March 25, 2019.

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