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Representative Jarvis Johnson has filed HB 3404 
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by: Rep. Johnson, Jarvis

Austin, Texas (March 8, 2019) - Representative Jarvis Johnson has filed HB 3404, which would implement stricter permitting requirements and reinstate contested case hearings for concrete batch plants in Houston. After Soto Ready Mix planned to bring a plant to District 139, Rep. Johnson witnessed, first hand, the issues with the current concrete batch plant permitting process. Soto's proposed plant would be located across the street from the Highland Park and Highland Community Center. The dust typically produced by these plants would jeopardize the quality of life for community members and usability of public spaces.

Rep. Johnson's bill would set up new requirements designed to mitigate dust production by concreate batch plants. HB 3404 would require operators to pave all roads and parking lots on their premises, utilize water sprinklers or other dust suppressant sprayers, add an extra 100-foot buffer between all equipment and the plant's property line, and require at least 440 yards between the plant's main output point and any home, school or church. Moreover, HB 3404 would mandate (by reinstating contested case hearings) that communities have the opportunity to voice their concerns to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality before a plant is approved. Rep. Johnson spoke on the matter after his bill was filed:

"I believe that we all have a right to clean air. There is no reason why a plant located anywhere near a park, community center, or any other public hub, should be able to fill the air with dust and debris. Moreover, I believe that a community should have the opportunity to voice their concerns before a plant like this moves in."

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