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by: Rep. González, Jessica

AUSTIN – Today, Texas State Representative Jessica González filed HB 4204. This bill will extend Medicaid coverage to legal permanent residents aged 19 and older.

HB 4204 will mirror the limited Texas Medicaid adult coverage categories for U.S. citizens. It would include the coverage of pregnant women, a small number of legal immigrant parents with dependent children, as well as some legal immigrant adults and seniors with a level of long-term care. This long-overdue change will provide better maternity benefits that have been encouraged as a best practice by the federal Medicaid program for over a decade.

Rep. González said, “Texas is one of just six states that exclude qualified immigrant adults from Medicaid if they came to the United States after 1996. This arbitrary distinction deprives thousands of otherwise eligible members of our communities—who followed the law to become LPRs—from critical health care services. HB 4204 closes a loophole that with any common sense will be shorn up."

Anne Dunkelberg, associate director for the Center for Public Policy Priorities, added, " We congratulate Representative González for her leadership in highlighting this neglected issue. An overlooked choice made over 20 years ago has left Texas offering no pathway to Medicaid coverage for Texas adults with lawful immigration statuses. The great majority of these lawfully present adults are legal permanent residents of the U.S., who are on a pathway to citizenship."

“This session, my focus is to do all I can to improve the daily lives of hardworking Texans like those in my district," González continued. "For too long, too many people have lacked a voice in the halls of power in this state. Through the bills I file and the legislation I support, I will make sure that the people of HD 104 are heard."

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